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Not sure if you need insurance for a modified car? In most cases, if you make modifications to your vehicle you’ll need to take out modified car insurance. Read on to find out how can help you find great modified car insurance deals.

Is it more expensive to insure a modified car?

A modified car can increase in it’s value meaning it is worth more to insure, this will naturally bump up your premiums. Depending on what modifications are carried out it could also increase your vehicles risk profile, for example modifications that could result in an increased top speed. Please note any illegal modifications or modifications forbidden by an insurer will not be able to be insured.

What is classed as modified for insurance?

Any alteration to your car that results in it feeling, driving, or looking different from the manufacturer’s standard, is classed as a modification. This can include changes to the engine, brakes, suspension, and exhaust, plus changes like tinted windows or paint jobs. Roof racks, tow bars, and tweaks to the audio system can also make a difference and insurers will want to know about those too.

What does modified car insurance cover?

Insurance for a modified car will give you the protection of a standard car insurance policy but with extra cover for the additional parts you’ve added or modifications you’ve made. If you’ve made any illegal modifications, like too heavy a window tint, neon lights, or stretched tyres, these won’t be covered.

What is the risk of not declaring modifications on car insurance?

If you fail to declare modifications to your insurer, your car insurance policy will be invalidated. If you’re involved in an accident or your car is stolen, your insurance provider could judge that the modifications to your car were a contributing factor, and if they aren’t declared, could decide that you aren’t covered.

Is it more expensive to insure a modified car?

In most cases, modifying your car will increase its value and could also increase the risk of an accident or a break-in. Because of this, modified car insurance does tend to be more expensive than a standard car insurance policy. But that doesn’t mean you won’t find good deals on modified car insurance. Use a comparison site, like to search for cheap modified car insurance.

What’s the best way to find cheap modified car insurance?

Aside from collecting a range of modified insurance quotes, there are other steps you can take to bring the cost of your insurance premium down, like:

  • Opting for a higher excess
  • Parking in a private driveway or garage overnight
  • Installing security features, like a car alarm or immobiliser
  • Agreeing to let an insurer install a black box to let them track your driving style and assure them you’re safe.
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