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Classic Car Insurance

What is classic car insurance?

Classic car insurance is a type of coverage specifically tailored toward insuring older cars. Classic cars are usually used mostly for display, however classic car insurance will provide the coverage you would expect from a regular car insurance policy for when you do take your classic on the road. The level of coverage available is also comparable to a standard car insurance policy, however most classic car policies opt for a more comprehensive level of coverage.

How old should a car be for classic insurance?

Different lenders can have differing requirements for what they consider to be a classic car. Some lenders will set the minimum age for a car at 25 years before it can be considered classic. In general however, a car must usually be considered a collectable and be restored and maintained by it’s owner for it to be considered a classic car.

What are some of the benefits of classic car insurance over regular car insurance?

Classic car insurance can actually work out cheaper for a policy holder than regular car insurance, this is due to the fact that many classic cars are less driven than their regular counterparts as well as being better maintained by their owners. You can also get an agreed upon value for your classic car rather than a current market value which you can expect from regular car insurance. This provides you greater negotiating power for how much you will receive in the event of a write off.

When does a car become a classic for insurance?

As previously mentioned there can be differing requirements between lenders for what is considered a classic car. If you believe your car may qualify for classic car insurance the best thing to do is to compare multiple lenders. This will let you find lenders that can offer you classic car insurance based on their requirements.

What cars qualify for classic car insurance?

Although the requirements for what is considered a classic car may differ between lenders, there are generally a few universal requirements that will need to be met for most lenders to insure your classic vehicle.

  • The car must be used primarily for exhibition or display
  • It must be in good condition and be maintained regularly
  • The vehicle is for private use and not owned by a company

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