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Non-standard home insurance

What is non standard home insurance?

Non-standard home insurance, also known as high-risk home insurance, is a particular type of insurance package dedicated toward insuring homes deemed more risky to insure. This can be due to factors like the materials used to build the property such as timber as well as the design and layout of the property and it’s age and location.

These are naturally factors that affect all home insurance policies however some properties are deemed more risky to insure than others and as a result you may require a specialist insurer. Non-standard home insurance is typically more expensive than standard home insurance because the insurer considers the home to be at a higher risk of loss or damage.

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What will non-standard home insurance cover?

Typically Non-standard home insurance can offer you the following protection against unexpected costs associated with:

  • Damage due to fire
  • Damage due to theft
  • Damage due to natuaral disaster

Additional coverage options can include protection against subsistence damage but these will usually need to be added on to your policy.

How much does non-standard home insurance cost?

Giving an exact number on what you will pay for non-standard home insurance is difficult as it is usually influenced by factors that are unique to you. These can include how risky your non-standard property is to insure, for example the age of the property, the difficulty of sourcing replacement parts which in turn bumps up price. All these factors will influence your premiums so without taking out a quote to compare it is hard to say what you will pay.

Given that the perceived risk of insuring a non-standard home is generally higher than a standard one, you can expect to pay more on your premiums for a non-standard home. However, this doesn’t mean you need to settle for higher prices. Comparing multiple lenders will allow you to sift through the best deals on the market for non-standard home insurance and start saving today.

What is included in non-standard home insurance?

Repairs and replacements to your non-standard home are essentially what your policy will cover the costs of. If your home is damaged or destroyed as a result of fire, vandalism, natural disaster or other similar events then your insurance will cover the costs. Contents insurance can also be included in a non-standard home insurance policy, this will offer protection against theft and loss from the above mentioned reasons to your insured belongings in the home.

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