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Driving school insurance is a legal requirement for professional driving instructors. You’ll need to take out a policy that protects yourself, your pupils, and your vehicles in the event of an accident. That’s where we step in. Our price comparison database allows you to browse a range of premiums from hundreds of providers across the UK, so you can compare driving school insurance and secure a great deal with

Why do I need driving school insurance?

Driving school insurance is different from standard car insurance, which covers personal and social use. Driving instructors use their cars for business purposes and have novices drive their cars, which could significantly increase the risk of accidents and collisions. As cars are a fundamental part of a driving school, it makes sense to financially protect them against potential damage, so you don’t have to worry about paying for high repair costs or a replacement.

How much is driving school insurance?

The cost of your insurance premium will depend on the provider, but several factors generally make it more expensive than standard care insurance policies. Alongside the increased risks, your car will be under greater strain because of constant wear – especially the clutch and brake pads. 

Driving instructors also need greater cover than the standard driver, which will of course increase the overall cost of the policy.

There are additional factors that may also affect the premium cost, if you’re an instructor, including:

  • The type of instructor you are
  • The make and model of your car
  • Your location
  • Whether you’re a full-time or part-time instructor.
How is driving school insurance different from standard car insurance?

Standard car insurance covers driving for personal needs – as well as driving to a single workplace. But this is not adequate cover for a driving instructor. You will need more coverage than the standard driver, with factors including but not limited to:

  • Any driver (including learners) cover
  • A replacement dual-control car
  • Driving off-road cover
  • Breakdown cover.
How do I make driving school insurance cheaper?

If you want to lower your premiums, it’s best to compare driving school insurance policies across multiple providers on our website. Simply fill out the form with the relevant details requested and you’ll be presented with a list of premiums, outlining the coverage provided.

However, it’s crucial to make sure that the cover is adequate for the needs of your driving school. This may mean paying a bit extra for a more comprehensive policy that covers additional factors.

Can I speak to someone about driving school insurance?

Of course! Our friendly team is always happy to help you find competitive driving school insurance quotes, as well as answer any questions you may have. We can also help you with taxi insurance, courier insurance, and car insurance queries too.