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Motorhome Insurance Comparison

Motorhomes are high-value vehicles, which means motorhome insurance often doesn’t cheap either. That’s why you should use an insurance comparison service like to compare motorhome insurance quotes from a wide range of providers, which should increase your odds of finding some of the best motorhome insurance policies for your motorhome.

What’s the minimum level of coverage I need for my motorhome?

As with any vehicle, in the UK the minimum level of coverage you’ll require when you’re taking out motorhome insurance is ‘third party only’ cover.

Of course, this type of policy is only designed to protect third parties, which means you won’t be covered if your own motorhome is stolen or damaged in an at-fault accident.

That’s why we’d recommend that you consider taking out fully-comprehensive motorhome insurance if it’s within your budget.

Does motorhome insurance cover me to live in my motorhome full time?

No, most motorhome insurance policies will include a policy exclusion that says you aren’t allowed to live in the motorhome on a permanent basis. As the term RV (recreation vehicle) suggests, these vehicles are designed for recreational use and motorhome insurance policies will usually expect you to use it on that basis too.

Does motorhome insurance cover the contents of my motorhome?

Yes, many fully-comprehensive motorhome insurance policies will cover the contents of your motorhome, although it’s important to double check your own policy’s terms and conditions around this.

It’s also important to remember that your policy likely won’t pay out if your contents are stolen due to some sort of negligence on your part (if you left your motorhome unlocked, for instance).

Does motorhome insurance cover me if my motorhome breaks down?

No, most motorhome insurance policies don’t include breakdown cover or roadside assistance cover as standard, although you might be able to add this to your policy for a small fee.

Alternatively, you can take out a standalone breakdown cover policy for your motorhome.