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Whether you live in an apartment, a semi-detached house, a bungalow or a townhouse, the cost of repairing your property or replacing your contents in the event of a fire, flood or break-in could prove to be eyewatering – unless you have a suitable home insurance policy in place.

Of course, just because home insurance is a sensible investment doesn’t mean it should cost a lot. In fact, by using’s home insurance comparison service to compare quotes from over 50 home insurance companies side by side, you could well find a surprisingly cheap home insurance quote. Start saving on your premiums today when you compare home insurance with

Is home insurance a legal requirement like car insurance is?

No, unlike car insurance, home insurance policies aren’t a legal requirement in the UK. 

However, although it isn’t mandated by law you could find that you have a contractual obligation to insure your home, because most mortgage lenders will insist that you take out a suitable policy to protect the building the loan is secured against.

And even if you’re lucky enough to be mortgage-free, home insurance is still a very, very wise investment. After all, the peace of mind you get from knowing your home is protected is almost certainly worth the relatively cheap home insurance premium you’ll have to pay. Taking out a home insurance quote is relatively simple and can be completed in moments, giving your home the coverage it needs against the unexpected.

How much is home insurance?

In general the average cost of a home insurance policy in the UK is around £140 per year. This price however is just an average as there are a number of factors influencing the price of your home insurance. These factors include the age of the property, it’s location and contents as well as the desired level of coverage. When it comes to getting the cheapest home insurance quote, comparing as many providers as possible is always the best way to increase your chances of securing cheap home insurance. Compare home insurance quotes and take your time in selecting the policy that offers you the most comprehensive coverage at the cheapest price.

What is legal cover on home insurance?

Legal cover is a form of insurance that protects you against the cost of legal claims raised against you. This can be purchased as a stand-alone policy or as an add-on to your home insurance policy. This insurance can cover you for a range of legal scenarios related to your home such as boundary disputes, disputes with tradesmen and contractors etc..

Does home insurance cover burglaries?

Yes, the vast majority of home insurance policies should pay out in the event of a burglary. If you have a contents only policy then you should be covered for the contents that have been stolen, while a building & contents insurance policy may also cover the cost of repairing any damage the burglar has inflicted to the building

However, one important caveat to bear in mind – if the burglary arose due to some sort of negligence (eg the property wasn’t locked and secured at the time of the crime), then there’s a good chance you won’t be covered.

Does home insurance cover subsidence?

Yes, many home insurance policies will cover you in the event of subsidence – provided you’ve taken out buildings insurance or building and contents insurance, of course, rather than just contents cover.

However, there is one caveat – if your property has had a history of subsidence in the past it’s possible your policy might exclude coverage for this, so it’s important to read the policy’s terms and its list of exclusions.

Does home insurance cover lost keys?

Some of the best home insurance policies may well include ‘lost key cover’, but many of them don’t include this as standard. 

Does home insurance cover my contents against accidental damage?

While some of the best home insurance policies may include ‘accidental damage cover’ as standard, most home insurance policies won’t include this unless you specifically add it to your policy. This type of add-on is often relatively inexpensive though, so it’s certainly worth considering.

Do tenants still need home insurance?

While homeowners are more inclined to take out home insurance than tenants, it’s still a sensible investment if you’re in a rental property to get your own tenant insurance policy.

Of course, while homeowners insurance will usually combine both building insurance and contents insurance, if you’re a tenant you’re only likely to need to insure your contents. The bonus is that this type of contents-only insurance is usually quite a bit cheaper than a combined building and contents insurance policy.

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