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What does building insurance actually cover?

As you’ll find out below, building insurance can cover a wide range of costs associated with your property in the event of an accident, this can include damages, cost of repair services and your entire property should the damage be extensive enough,

Do you legally need building insurance?

Buildings insurance isn’t normally a legal requirement, but in most cases, mortgage lenders will require you to have an insurance policy. Even if it’s not a requirement, it’s still advisable to purchase building insurance. Adverse events can and do happen – fires, floods, vandalism – and repairing or rebuilding your home could be a huge expense.

What does building insurance cover?

Building insurance covers the cost of repairing structural damage to your property. This includes damage to walls, floors, roofs and usually garages, fences and sheds too. The cost of replacing cables, pipes and drains is typically included as is the cost of completely rebuilding your home in the event it’s destroyed.

What isn’t covered by building insurance?

Every policy is different, but some elements you usually can’t claim for under standard building insurance policies are:

  • General wear and tear
  • Damage caused deliberately by you or another person living in your home
  • Damage caused by pests, birds or insects
  • Storm damage to gardens e.g. plants, fences or gates
  • Frost damage to external brickwork and pipes
What extras can building insurance cover?

There are other extras and add-ons that building insurance policies can cover, such as:

  • Alternative accommodation cover if you need to temporarily live elsewhere because of damage to the building
  • Accidental damage cover for mishaps that cause damage to possessions and fittings
  • Home emergency cover to assist with things like burst pipes and broken boilers
What is the difference between residential building insurance and commercial building insurance?

Both residential building insurance and commercial insurance cover similar risks such as vandalism or flooding, but residential policies tend to be more standardised compared to commercial ones. Commercial properties tend to have specific and different needs, depending on the business.

Residential policies typically only cover one property, whereas commercial policies can cover multiple locations, although usually only if the buildings have similar uses.

How do I get cheap building insurance?

Whatever type of property you own, whether an apartment or a detached house, comparing building insurance from multiple providers is a good idea. Use an impartial site, like, to compare offers before deciding on a building insurance policy.

Beyond that, other steps you can take to secure cheap building insurance include:

  • Building up a no-claims discount
  • Increasing your voluntary excess
  • Paying for your insurance premium annually rather than monthly
  • Improving the security in your home with alarms, glass-break sensors or BSI-approved locks
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