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Insurance for Courier Drivers

If you work as a courier driver your regular car insurance policy won’t cover you during those courier journeys – you’ll need a standalone courier insurance policy instead.

This type of policy is usually more expensive than private car insurance or motorbike insurance, because the risk profile is different for couriers. That’s why it’s essential that you compare quotes for courier insurance policies from a range of different providers – shopping around will increase your odds of finding a cheaper courier insurance policy.

What level of coverage can I take out when I’m ready to compare courier insurance?

You can choose between 

  • third party only cover, which only pays out for damage to other vehicles, property or people; 
  • third party, fire and theft cover, which pays out if your car or van is stolen, damaged or destroyed by fire; 
  • Comprehensive cover, which provides the highest levels of protection for your car and van, and includes all of the coverage you’d get with a third party, fire, theft policy but will also pay for repairs to your own vehicle in an at-fault accident.
What does courier insurance cover?

Courier insurance is often bundled together with other forms of insurance, such as haulage insurance or goods-in-transit insurance, but you shouldn’t assume these are included as standard. That’s why it’s vital that you check your courier insurance policy’s documentation and list of exclusions.

What should be included as standard though, is damage to other vehicles, property or people by your courier vehicle, and if you opt for a comprehensive courier insurance policy damage to your own car, van or motorbike should be covered in the event of an accident.

Bear in mind policies will have different terms and conditions though, so check before purchasing. For example, even if your policy includes goods-in-transit insurance you might not be covered if the goods aren’t packed correctly at source. Or if you take out a fully comprehensive courier insurance policy you likely won’t be covered if your vehicle is stolen and the theft is due to negligence (you left the keys in the ignition, for instance).

Does courier insurance include public liability cover?

Not as standard, but some courier insurance specialists may let you bundle public liability insurance with your courier insurance policy.

How do I know if I actually need courier insurance? Isn’t ‘business use car insurance’ enough?

It will depend on how you use your vehicle – ‘business use’ on standard car insurance policies will cover you for driving to client meetings, to attend seminars or conferences, or for other business trips, but if you use your car to delivery anything for customers then you will need a specific courier insurance policy.