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Import Car Insurance

Imported cars are becoming increasingly popular in the UK and as their number grow, so to unfortunately do accidents and claims. Whether you are looking at importing Japanese or USA built cars, you’ll need the right cover for your import. Not having the right cover for your import can be be disastrous, an accident could leave you with the burden of paying for expensive replacement parts that need to be shipped from overseas. As you can imagine this usually isn’t cheap.

Is it easy to get Import car insurance?

With our panel of UK based specialists, It’s never been easier to get Japanese import insurance or any other import for that matter. Get multiple quotes today and choose the best coverage for you!

Does an imported car cost more to insure?

In general yes, imported cars may be more expensive to insure due to varying factors like the difficulty of acquiring repair parts in the UK from foreign suppliers.

Is it more expensive to insure an imported car UK?

Many imports also have higher specifications than other cars such as more powerful engines, this can be a concern for insurers who tend to raise the premiums to reflect this. As a general rule of thumb, cars built outside the EU, such as Japanese import cars, generally have higher insurance premiums and you may need to get insured via a specialist. However there is no reason to fret, here at we have compiled a panel of UK based insurance specialists so finding cheaper insurance has never been easier.

How much is import car insurance?

Like with many insurance products this really depends. Certain factors that will be unique to your import and situation will influence the cost of your premiums going forward. These factors typically include the age, value and any previous claims made on your import. Your own driving history and location are also used along with other more nuanced factors. The best way of finding cheaper import insurance is to compare multiple lenders with, It’s never been easier to find cheaper import car insurance.