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Japanese Import Insurance

Compare Japanese Import Insurance

Hoping to avoid expensive Japanese import insurance? Here at, our free site lets you compare Japanese import insurance quotes and can help you find a great deal on car insurance fast.

Why does it cost more for Japanese import insurance?

Japanese import cars are classified as “grey imports”, which means they’ve been imported from a non-EU country and so might not conform to EU safety standards. Car repairs can also be more expensive if parts aren’t readily available and must be imported. UK-based car mechanics might also not be familiar with or experienced in repairing Japanese import cars. All of these factors make Japanese import vehicles riskier to insure and make your car insurance premiums more expensive.

Can you insure a Japanese import car?

Yes, you can insure a Japanese import however the premiums may be higher due to the cost of importing specialist parts.

Is it expensive to insure an imported car?

It is typically more expensive to insure imported cars as they are seen as more high risk to the insurer. This is due to reasons such as it being more difficult to repair in the event of accidents.

Is Japanese import insurance always expensive?

It’s usually more expensive to insure an imported car compared to what you’d pay for a similar UK-registered model. But that doesn’t mean you won’t find good Japanese import insurance deals. Use a comparison site, like, to search for and compare Japanese import insurance and you can find great value deals.

How can I find cheap Japanese import insurance?

As well as searching the market and comparing Japanese import insurance quotes, there are other steps you can take to bring down the cost of your insurance premium.

  • Get more secure overnight parking in a private driveway or garage.
  • Avoid modifications that might increase the value of your car or make it more likely to be stolen.
  • Improve the security of your car by fitting an alarm or immobiliser.
  • Choose a higher voluntary excess, while remembering to weigh up the potential payout versus the cost savings you’ll make on your insurance premium.
  • Agree to have a black box installed to let your insurer track your driving style so you can assure them you’re a safe driver.
Is it difficult to insure a Japanese imported car?

Typically insuring a Japanese imported car will be considered a higher risk by most providers and some may not be willing to insure you. But there are specialist insurers out there and other general insurers who are willing to offer good deals on Japanese import insurance. The best way to find available offers is to use an independent comparison site like

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You’re much more likely to find a cheap Japanese import insurance deal if you shop around and collect Japanese import insurance quotes from several providers. At we make it easy for you to compare Japanese import insurance by doing the hard work for you. Fill in one quick online form and we’ll collect available deals from trusted UK providers. We’ll set out offers in an easy-to-understand format making it simple for you to compare and choose the right deal for you.