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Health Insurance

What is health insurance used for?

Many people hope they never need to claim health insurance and believe that health insurance may even be an unnecessary expense. But the reality is that every year, thousands of Britons who choose private health care are relieved that they chose to be covered for their healthcare. Accidents and illness can strike anybody and unfortunately we may not always be financially prepared for such events. Health Insurance is a great investment for those who opt for private health care as it gives you the peace of mind that you will not be financially burdened when you recover from your treatment. You don’t need to be confused over how to get cheaper health care insurance that works for you either, here at we’ve compiled a panel of multiple UK based specialists to make getting health insurance easier than ever.

Why do I need health Insurance?

Private health care use is on the rise in the UK with many people being put off by NHS wait times or simply preferring the experience of private health care. Whatever your reasons for private health care one key difference between it and the NHS is obvious, you will need to pay for your treatment. Having health care insurance lets you do the following:

  • Provided that a treatment has been approved in advance by your insurer, the insurer will pay for the cost of the treatment directly to your health care provider. Alternatively you can be compensated if you have already covered the cost out of your own pocket and the treatment is covered under your policy.
  • Claim the costs associated surgery, hospital admissions and consultations with specialists.
  • Some policies may cover additional treatments and tests such as MRI scans, acupuncture and rehabilitation services
What are the benefits of private health care?

Private health care has many advantages which justify the price over the universal coverage of the NHS.

  • Pre-existing conditions: Private health care would allow you to bypass an NHS waiting list for medical operations.
  • Medications: Some medications and treatments may be unavailable with the NHS but are accessible through private health care.
  • Greater choice: In private health care you have greater freedom for selecting your type of care such as private rooms.
  • Reduced wait times: Even for standard GP appointments, private health care practices are generally less congested than NHS practices. This is due to many people opting for free NHS treatment which inevitably increases wait times.
How much is private health insurance?

On average, a health insurance plan that costs around £1000 pound a year is a reasonable amount to pay for coverage. This price however is influenced by many factors which are unique to you. These factors include any previous medical conditions you may have had or currently suffer from, the nature of these conditions, your age, where in the UK you live and other risk factors. Factors such as your occupation can also be a factor due to the potential risk of injury leading to a claim. This list is not exhaustive however it should provide a general idea of what factors come into play when insurers calculate your health insurance premiums. The best way of ensuring you have the cheapest health insurance on the market is by comparing multiple lenders. At we have compiled a panel of UK based specialists to make finding cheaper private health insurance easier than ever.

Here at, we have complied a panel of specialist UK based insurers. This means it’s never been easier to compare your options and get cheaper private health insurance today!

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