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Goods In Transit Insurance

What is goods in transport insurance?

Goods in transport insurance offers you cover on merchant goods from incidents such as theft and damage during the course of their transportation for business. Applicable businesses include furniture removal companies, hauliers for online companies and other services which rely on the transportation of goods for their operations. Getting goods in transit insurance whilst changing business premises can also be a wise move. This will insure your equipment and resources against incidents that may occur during the moving process and disrupt your operations.

What does goods in transport insurance cover?

Typically you can get goods in transport insurance as a add on to courier, haulage or tradesman insurance policies. The following are what you can expect to be covered against when you take out goods in transport insurance.

  • Loss of items during shipment
  • Damage of items during shipment
  • Theft while in transit
How much is goods in transit insurance?

Goods in transit insurance is largely determined by factors that are unique to your business operations and circumstances. In short it very difficult to give a definitive answer on how much you should expect to pay of goods in transit insurance without getting a quote.

How to insure goods in transit?

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