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Sports Insurance

Compare Sports Insurance

Whether you play a team sport, enjoy sport as an individual, or are a professional sports coach, there are risks involved. You could get injured, someone else could get hurt as a result of your sporting activity, or one of your clients could find themselves in pain or discomfort due to sporting activity with you. This is why sports insurance is important. It protects you and any others involved.

Why do you need sports insurance?

If you make your living by playing a team sport or by doing some other kind of activity such as running, then sustaining an injury can threaten your ability to continue. You may find that you are out of action for several weeks or months, and need some compensation to help maintain your usual standard of living. Sports insurance can help you to do that.

If you play a sport as a hobby and also work full-time for an organisation or on a self-employed basis, then you should consider getting insured. This is because accidents do sometimes happen, and if you are not able to work while you heal, then a pay-out could prove to be very valuable.

Does a sports club need insurance?

Sports clubs are strongly recommended to have some sort of public liability in place in order to protect themselves from claims made by members of the public. If someone is inured and believes the club is responsible they may try and claim compensation which can be very costly to non-profit clubs.

Do sports coaches and teachers need insurance?

If you teach fitness classes or coach others in a particular sport, then it makes sense to get yourself insured. This will allow you to work with your clients, safe in the knowledge that both parties are protected should something go wrong. If one of your clients gets hurt, then you could be personally liable to pay them compensation if you don’t have insurance. Being covered means that you can work with customers without worrying about the financial status of your business.

If you get injured while coaching or teaching, then you may not be able to work for a while. Having sports insurance will mean you get the necessary assistance to pay your bills and keep your finances stable until you recover.

Can having sports insurance help your business?

Yes, as it means that you can protect yourself and your clients should anything go wrong. Being fully insured also helps you to build a reputation as a professional that can be trusted and relied on, and that can be very positive for your brand.

How can you get cheap sports insurance?

If you want to get cheap sports insurance, the best thing to do is to check quotes from different providers. At, we do all the work for you using our expertise and network of trusted providers so you can compare sports insurance with minimal effort. It just takes a few minutes to input some basic details. Then, you can relax while we scan our network to find our top sports insurance quotes. Contact us by phone or email if you have any questions, as we are always happy to help.