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Park Home Insurance

Compare Park Home Insurance

If you own a static caravan, it’s probably your pride and joy and a valued investment that you’ll want to protect so that you can enjoy it for many years to come. Fortunately, there is help available to help you with doing just that with specialist park home insurance.

What does park home insurance help with?

This is a type of insurance that helps you to safeguard your mobile home and its contents. It usually covers issues such as fire, flooding, and theft of the property and/or the items contained within it. It is similar to the kind of policy you might get for a house but specially tailored to park homes and their requirements.

How much is park home insurance?

The cost of your park home insurance policy will vary depending on factors such as the size, age and location of your park home.- The best way to find the cheapest park home insurance options for you is to compare multiple insurance deals online with

Do I need park home insurance?

It is strongly advisable that if you are the owner of a park home that you take out some form of cover to protect yourself against unexpected costs and damages.

Can you include cover for a mobile home in ordinary home insurance?

It’s possible, but many insurers are not willing to provide cover for a park home within a standard home insurance policy. This is because they are usually made from other materials not commonly used for houses and flats, so their risk profiles are different. Repairs on a static home may need more specialised industry services than other types of property, and insurers need to take this into consideration.

Why do you need park home insurance?

This type of insurance provides cover for many of the potential risks that standard home insurance usually covers but it’s tailored to a park home. This includes issues such as fire, and theft of the property or its contents. If you require additional cover, then it may be possible to include other items such as both accidental and deliberate damage by other parties, losing keys and lock replacement, metered water failing to operate, and breakdown of a gas boiler.

What do you do if you’re not sure about the type of cover required?

You can talk to us, and we will help you to ascertain the best level of cover for your needs before enquiring about getting a quotation. We can be contacted via phone and email, and are happy to discuss your requirements and any concerns you may have.

What will not be covered?

Each policy has different exclusions, so it is worth checking the details of your individual policy. However, most will not cover you for damage that has occurred because the property has not been properly maintained, or damage caused by animals. Most policies will not pay out for theft if you have not kept the park home locked using a secure locking system.

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