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Convicted Driver Insurance Comparison

Your insurance is obviously going to cost more after a driving conviction, but equally frustrating is the fact that some insurance providers may refuse to offer you a policy at all when you have drink driving or dangerous driving convictions.

Luckily,’s convicted driver insurance comparison service will help you find policies from insurance companies that are happy to offer you a quote after you’ve had a driving conviction.

Getting insurance for a convicted driver will naturally be more expensive than someone without any driving convictions. Our convicted drivers insurance however can help drivers with speeding convictions and drink driving  charges to find cheaper insurance deals today.

How much does convicted driver insurance cost?

That depends on a wide range of variables, including the type of driving conviction you’ve received. For instance, a drink driving, drug driving, or dangerous driving conviction may well result in higher premiums than a speeding conviction.

Of course, a wide range of other factors will influence the cost of your car insurance for convicted drivers, including your location, age and occupation, and the type of  vehicle you’re insuring.

As such, the best plan is compare convicted driver insurance quotes, and then go with the insurer that offers the best convicted driver insurance policy at the most competitive price. 

How long will my driving conviction affect my insurance costs?

That depends on the nature of the conviction, but the average amount of time you’ll have to continue declaring your driving conviction to insurers is 4 years.