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If you operate a beauty, hair, or tanning salon, or work as a masseuse, make-up artist, or nail technician, you will be understandably proud of your business and want to protect it. You can safeguard the way you earn your living by ensuring you are covered with salon insurance.

What does salon insurance cover?

Salon insurance usually provides three different types of cover. The first is for your premises. If they become accidentally damaged due to fire or other issues such as flooding, you can usually make a claim for compensation. The second type of cover helps to protect the tools and materials you use in the course of your work. Your policy should guarantee these in the case of damage or theft. The third part of salon insurance usually offers assistance if one of your clients is hurt or injured while you are treating them or they are on your premises.

What is the need for insurance in a salon?

When asking why do you need insurance in a beauty salon, you should remember the following. Insuring your salon will protect you from unexpected costs relating to public liability costs and damage to your establishment depending on the type of cover. The costs involved due to these events can be ruinous to salon owners without cover so it is always a good idea to take out cover.

Why is it important to get salon insurance?

Salon insurance is a means of looking after both your business and your customers. Most salons rely on having a good reputation and being trusted by others to do a professional and safe job and good coverage gives you peace of mind so you can focus on the job. You probably work hard, and it is important to protect your tools and materials and any profits made. It makes financial sense to safeguard your business in this way.

How does salon insurance help?

Salon insurance gives you the security of knowing that if there is an accident, or your expensive tools are stolen, you will get compensation to cover your costs. If a customer is injured, the last thing you want is to worry about ensuring that they get the financial assistance they need to recover. Insurance equals peace of mind which is vital.

What is included in this type of cover?

The first component that is usually included is public liability. This means that if one of your clients gets hurt during your work or simply by being present at your place of business, there will be a payout from the insurer.

The second component is employers’ liability. If you have staff, it is important to ensure that you are covered in case they become injured at work. This protects you and your business.

The third component is the tools and products you use to do your work. These are often very expensive to replace, so if you have them covered, you can rely on getting the necessary help to replace them.

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