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Holiday Home Insurance

If you own a holiday home you won’t be able to take out regular home insurance for that property. You’ll need a holiday home insurance policy instead, which takes into consideration some of the unique attributes of a property that’s used as a holiday home – the fact that it’s unoccupied for longer periods of time than a regular home, for instance.

How much does holiday home insurance cost?

That’s a tough one, because the answer will depend on a wide range of different factors, not least of which is where your holiday home is located. 

How often your holiday home is left unoccupied is another important factor that will influence the cost of your policy, and the value of the property as well as its rebuild cost will also affect your holiday home premium.

All of which means it isn’t really possible to quote an average premium for holiday home insurance. The best plan is compare real insurance quotes for you own holiday home, and then go with the provider that offers the best holiday home insurance cover at the most competitive price.

Can I use to insure an overseas holiday home, or do you only insure holiday homes in the UK? can help you find cheap holiday home insurance quotes no matter where you’re property is located. So French holiday homes, Spanish villas and Italian ski lodges can all be insured via’s holiday home insurance comparison service.

Is holiday home insurance mandatory?

If you have a mortgage on your holiday home then it may well be mandatory from a contractual point of view, because most mortgage lenders will insist you insure any property you’ve taken out a mortgage on.

If you own the holiday home outright then holiday home insurance is probably optional – but it’s still a sensible investment, given how much you could be out of pocket if anything went wrong at your holiday home and you didn’t have suitable insurance in place.