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What insurance do I need for a mobile catering van?

If you are operating a mobile catering van for business purposes you will need some form of public liability insurance to protect against claims from members of the public. Unfortunately accidents can sometimes happen and ensuring you have cover against any incidents in which you may be found liable is a good way protecting yourself and you business. You can also opt for a form of business insurance to protect your income and business should you face any disruptions or events which prevent you operating.

How much is public liability insurance for a catering van?

Like many other forms of insurance this really depends on certain factors such as the nature of your operations, the location in which you operate as well the size of your business. All these factors will influence how much your insurance premiums will be be when you take out a policy. If you want to find cheaper catering van insurance you should always compare multiple lenders before taking out a policy, so you know you are getting the best catering van insurance.

Do you need insurance for a catering trailer?

Yes, you should get insurance for your catering trailer to protect your business, customers and members of the public. You should consider the following for insuring a catering van..

  • Business insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Food contamination insurance
  • Physical damage insurance
  • Employee insurance

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