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What is a repayment mortgage?

A repayment mortgage is a financial product offered by lenders to help you fund the purchase of a property. There are a few different types of repayment mortgages available. Subsets of this type of mortgage include tracker mortgages and variable rate mortgages. The main components that make up a mortgage deal are:

  • Capital is the amount of money you borrow to fund the purchase of the property.
  • The mortgage term is the amount of time you want to pay back the mortgage loan.
  • The interest rate is what the lender charges you for borrowing, and is calculated as a percentage of the capital.
What happens if I overpay on my repayment mortgage?

What happens when you pay more than your mortgage requires depends on your individual repayment mortgage terms. It could be the case that the lender will recalculate the total figure owed and reduce your future monthly repayments whilst keeping the mortgage term the same. Alternatively, they might keep the monthly repayments the same but reduce the term of the mortgage.

What’s the best way to compare UK repayment mortgages?

Using an unbiased comparison site like allows you to see a range of offers side by side. If you compare repayment mortgage rates side by side you will be able to select a competitive deal. The key elements you want to look at when you compare cheap repayment mortgages are:

  • The interest rate. This is how much you pay to borrow the money. It can be a fixed amount for a set period of time, or it can fluctuate if it’s tied to the Bank of England rate.
  • Arrangement fees. Any administrative fees applied by mortgage brokers or lenders should be considered along with interest rates.
  • Valuation fees. Lenders will want to know that the property you are purchasing is worth what you say it is so they will usually conduct an independent valuation. They will charge you for this.
  • Legal fees. Often there are some legal fees incurred when buying a property. Often this is to do with transferring ownership on title deeds.
Where can I find cheap mortgages?

As always, shopping around is the key to finding cheap mortgages. By comparing a range of options, you gain a clear picture of the kind of deals that are most competitive.

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