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Fleet Insurance Comparison

What is fleet insurance?

Fleet insurance is the easiest way of getting cover for your business’s fleet of vehicles without the hassle of insuring each vehicle individually. No one enjoys the stress of having to manage the details of all company vehicles and if they are complying with the legal requirements for driving in the UK.

If you have multiple drivers operating different vehicles at different times this can further complicate things. Many business insurance policies along with standard car and van insurance will not be able to cover these circumstances.

So what’s the solution?

Fleet Insurance is an option that lets you insure all your vehicles and drivers under one umbrella, making manging your policy simpler, more cost effective and most importantly…less time consuming.

How much does fleet insurance cost UK?

The cost of your fleet insurance policy will depend on certain factors such as the complexities of your operations, the size of your business and the nature of your business.

The level of convenience that you opt for will also influence the price of your policy. For an example if you decide to insure any vehicle for any driver in your business then the convenience will be greater but also the perceived risk of a claim being made with your insurer.

What are the benefits of fleet insurance?
  • Single premium to pay.
  • Single renewal date.
  • Can be cheaper than individually insuring each vehicle.
  • Convenience and efficiency of a single policy for all drivers and vehicles.

Most fleet insurance options will offer you these benefits, it’s always a good idea to compare multiple lenders to ensure you are getting the cheapest cover for your fleet.

How does fleet insurance work?

Many people struggle to insure their fleet online since many businesses are unique and have their own particular needs and levels of cover.

Due to this some businesses may struggle to find the appropriate cover online, however here at we have compiled a panel of multiple specialists for you to compare deals with quickly and without the hassle. Many insurers will also be more than happy to contact you by phone to discuss their policies and any queries or issues you may have. Get the right cover for your business today at the right price and get the peace of mind that your fleet is properly insured under one easy to manage policy.

How to get fleet insurance?

Getting fleet insurance couldn’t easier with

Simply enter a few details about your fleet and business in a quick online form and then start comparing offers from multiple lenders. You should also compare other lenders when it’s time to renew your policy to ensure you are always getting the cheapest fleet insurance coverage for your business.

What are the types of fleet insurance available?

Third-party only fleet insurance

Third party only fleet insurance policies will typically cover for the following.

  • Liability costs for vehicle damage to third parties
  • Liability costs for property damage to third parties
  • Liability costs for injury or death to third parties

Third-party, fire and theft fleet insurance

This cover is essentially the same as third-party only with additional cover against…

  • Fire damage
  • Theft
  • Damage as a result of theft

Comprehensive fleet insurance

Comprehensive fleet insurance offers you all the protection for your fleet that Third-party, fire and theft fleet insurance provides with the added benefits of..

  • Damage to company vehicles when you are at fault
  • Windscreen cover
  • Medical expenses to drivers
  • Personal effects

Some policies can also include the following for your fleets operations.

Can anyone drive on fleet insurance?

Although some policies may be notable exceptions, the majority of fleet insurance policies taken out include an “any driver” clause. This allows any authorised driver to use a company vehicle with the permission of the company or the directors, alternatively you can insure certain vehicles under certain drivers only.