Car Insurance with Points

Compare Car Insurance with Penalty Points

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Car Insurance with Penalty Points

If you have points on your licence your car insurance premiums are likely to rise – and you’re also likely to have fewer insurance providers to choose from, since some won’t insure drivers with points at all. 

That’s where a platform like can prove invaluable – because not only are we able to help drivers find cheaper car insurance with points, but we’ll only connect you with insurance companies that specialise in convicted driver insurance.

How much does car insurance with points cost?

That will depend on how many points you have on your licence – our own data suggests three points could add an average of 5% to your normal premium, whereas six points could see your premium jump by as much as 25%.

Still, there are other factors that can influence the cost of your car insurance with points as well, and if you compare quotes from insurance providers that specifically specialise in insuring drivers with points then you might be able to keep the price hike to a minimum.

How can I find cheaper car insurance after penalty points?

Firstly, shop around by comparing policies from a range of different providers, and focus on those providers that specialise in insuring drivers with motoring convictions – which is where we come in.

Secondly, park your car off the road if at all possible, as this should reduce your premium by lowering the risk of theft, vandalism and accidents.

Thirdly, pay for the full year upfront – while this is sometimes a bitter pill to swallow if your premium is high, opting for a monthly payment plan could add as much as 15% to 20% to that premium.