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Speeding Insurance

What is speeding insurance?

Speeding insurance is usually an add-on to standard car insurance, it covers the insurer against damages or loss associated with a speeding accident. Speeding insurance will typically cover you for personal injury, injury to third-parties, legal fees, damages to your or third-party vehicles. The need for speeding insurance can come about through previous speeding convictions. If you have been given penalty points and have been convicted of speeding, you will need to change your insurance to better suit your situation.

How is speed insurance different to other car insurance?

Speeding insurance is specifically tailored toward covering the loss associated with speeding related incidents. This differs somewhat from standard car insurance which generally offers blanket coverage against the losses associated with an accident.

It is important to remember that speeding insurance is typically only a add-on to standard car insurance policy and is intended as extra coverage.

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