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Professional-grade cameras are usually worth a lot of money, but even if you aren’t a professional photographer you might to consider investing in a suitable camera insurance policy. After all, most digital cameras are fairly sophisticated pieces of hardware and many of them are worth hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

What will camera insurance insure me against?

That can sometimes vary from one camera insurance provider to the next, and the optional add-ons you choose will also play a part.

However, the best camera insurance policies should cover you against the risk of theft and loss, and some policies will also cover for against accidental damage including water damage.

If accidental damage cover isn’t included as standard with your policy you should be able to add it to your cover for a small fee.

How much does camera insurance cost?

That will depend on the both the insurer you decide to go with, and the risk factors they taken into account when calculating your premium. Some of those risk factors are unique to you and your camera (the type of camera you’re insuring, its make and model and estimated market value, for instance) which means the only way to get an accurate idea of costings is to compare camera insurance quotes.

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