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iPhone Insurance Comparison

Whether you upgrade to the latest iPhone at the earliest opportunity, or your still in love with the iPhone you bought a year or two ago, if your iPhone is ever lost or stolen it’s sure to cost you a pretty penny to replace – unless you have iPhone insurance, that is.

How much does iPhone insurance cost?

That will depend on the insurance provider you decide to go with, as well as a range of other risk factors like the iPhone model you’re insuring, its current market value, how long you’ve owned it and whether or not you’ve claimed on a gadget insurance policy in the past five years.

However, what you can be sure of is that the cost of even the best iPhone insurance policies will prove to be a lot cheaper than the cost of replacing your iPhone if it’s ever lost or stolen.

Can I insure a second hand iPhone?

No, most gadget insurance specialists will only agree to insure your iPhone if you bought it new, or if it was refurbished by the manufacturer right before you bought it. 

If you bought your iPhone second hand through eBay, Gumtree or from someone you know then you usually won’t be able to take out gadget insurance for that phone.

Is it true my iPhone is already covered by my home contents insurance policy?

Possibly, although it’s important to bear in mind that many home contents insurance policies will only cover devices while they’re in your home, so if your iPhone was lost or stolen while you were out and about you might not be insured. 

Can I transfer my iPhone insurance to my new phone when I upgrade?

Possibly, but it does depend on your insurance provider’s terms and there might also be a small fee involved to amend your contract.