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Why choose PC insurance?

We have become increasingly reliant on technology. Often we keep a lot of vital material relating to our lives on our PCs. Whether you’re using PCs for gaming, banking, work, or talking to friends, it’s hard to imagine the impact when something goes wrong. With a good PC insurance policy, you get peace of mind that you can have your PC replaced or repaired if an accident happens.

What is PC insurance?

PC insurance will protect you from costs related to damage, theft or loss and mechanical failure that the manufacturer cannot accept responsibility for. It essentially acts as a cover against unexpected costs should something happen to your PC which results in it needing repaired or replaced.

Do I need PC insurance?

When asking should I insure my PC, you should think of the following. Your PC may well have some basic coverage through an existing home contents insurance policy, so it’s a good idea to check that policy first. But it’s likely that any coverage offered by a home contents policy is fairly basic and usually only covers fire, flood, or theft from your home.

What if I use my PC for work?

If the PC belongs to you then you can insure it with a PC insurance policy and it will be protected. If the PC belongs to your work but you use it at home, then it is their responsibility to provide insurance for it. It’s usually the case that a PC insurance policy will still cover the PC if you use it for limited business use, but it’s worth checking the individual policy details to check.

What does a computer policy cover?

Most plans will typically protect your computer from accidental damage, cracked screens, vandalism, theft, loss, and mechanical failure.

What isn’t covered by a PC insurance policy?

Every policy is unique so it’s always worth checking the details. Usually, the following won’t be included:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Failure to look after your device
  • Mechanical problems that the manufacturer accepts responsibility for.

There may also be limitations to the number of replacements you can have over a set period of time.

Does PC insurance include protection against cyber attacks?

The short answer is probably not usually. If this is something you are concerned about,  certain policies sometimes allow a cyber liability insurance add-on to a PC insurance policy. 

How do I find cheap PC insurance quotes?

Shopping around and comparing is often the best way to find cheap PC insurance. quotes. At our unbiased comparison site is designed to make shopping around easy. You can compare PC insurance quotes quickly and easily with our dedicated system, saving you time and money.

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