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Looking for cheap boiler insurance? With you can quickly compare boiler insurance quotes and find some fantastic deals.

Is boiler insurance necessary?

Your boiler heats your water and often your home. If something goes wrong, being without hot water can be distressing. The cost of a gas technician or emergency plumber can run into hundreds of pounds. A boiler insurance policy helps give you peace of mind knowing that if the boiler stops working, you are covered for the costs of labour, new parts, and repair.

What does boiler insurance cover?

Boiler insurance will cover you against the costs of repairs and calling out repair services to fix your boiler.

What’s the difference between boiler insurance and a warranty?

Boiler insurance is a term used to describe a policy whereby you pay a set amount called a premium, usually paid monthly. If you have a problem with the boiler, you can claim against your insurance policy to pay for the boiler’s repair. A warranty is offered by the manufacturer of the boiler. This means that the manufacturer will repair or replace a boiler if there is a manufacturer’s fault. Usually, a new boiler comes with a warranty period that lasts a determined number of months or years. A warranty period for a new boiler is usually somewhere between two to 12 years.

Do you need boiler insurance?

There is no legal requirement to have boiler cover. If you own your home, it’s a good idea to have some level of cover to protect yourself and your family if the boiler needs repair. If you rent your home, it’s wise to check with your landlord to find out if they have a boiler insurance policy in place, and if not, how they intend to deal with any problems should they arise. In either case, it’s a good idea to consider a good boiler insurance policy that includes emergency cover.

What is the best boiler cover?

Every boiler insurance policy is bespoke to the policyholder, so there is no single “best” policy. However, some companies will offer more competitive boiler insurance quotes than others. When you are shopping around to compare boiler insurance quotes, consider the following to understand how competitive it is:

  • The cost of the policy per month
  • How much cover this gets you and if there a limit
  • How much excess you have to pay.
How do I find cheap boiler insurance?

Finding cheap boiler insurance is important for many families these days. Shopping around for a range of boiler insurance quotes means you have the best chance of finding a good deal. With an unbiased comparison site like all you have to do is enter your details to compare boiler insurance quotes quickly and easily.

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