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Do I need plumbing insurance?

Plumbing is a genius invention by the Romans that carries away sewerage and lets us freely use water to wash ourselves and our clothes, and heat our homes. It’s one of modern’s life’s greatest conveniences, but when things go wrong it can be catastrophic. Burst or leaking pipes can quickly cause a lot of damage in a home. Blocked drains are smelly and can pose a health hazard, and the call-out charges for emergency plumbers can be extortionate. Plumbing insurance offers peace of mind that if the worst happens, you can access funds to assist with these emergency costs. Your home is an investment, it’s your sanctuary, and you can help protect it with a good plumbing insurance policy.

What is plumbing insurance?

Sometimes referred to as home emergency cover, plumbing insurance is an umbrella term for a few different types of policies. Often insurance companies will offer plumbing and drainage insurance, which protects against leaking pipes and blockages, but sometimes plumbing insurance is offered as a part of a package with protection for electricity cables or a heating system.

Is plumbing covered by building insurance?

Most building insurance polices will only cover you for damage to pipes that the policy holder is legally responsible for. This means that most insurers won’t cover you for damages to pipes owned by your neighbours or businesses, even if these pipes are effecting the running of your property. Such damage to pipes can occur as a result burst or frozen pipes.

Do I need plumbing insurance if I already have building insurance?

If you are considering shopping around for plumbing insurance quotes then be sure to first check any existing building insurance policy to make sure you aren’t paying twice. However, many building insurance policies will only cover burst or frozen pipes or have strict limitations on what can be claimed. It’s a good idea to check what you are covered for and make a decision based on that.

What does plumbing insurance cover?

It depends on the type of policy that you go for. A straightforward plumbing insurance policy might cover you against damage to pipes and drains, including blocked toilets. The policy will usually cover the cost of an emergency plumber, plus parts required to repair the problem. A more comprehensive policy that includes add-ons like electrical cable cover would also protect against electrical problems. By shopping around and comparing quotes you will be able to ascertain which policy you think is most suitable for your circumstances.

How do I find cheap plumbing insurance?

Finding cheap plumbing insurance is important these days for managing costs. Shopping around for a range of plumbing insurance quotes means you have the best chance of finding a good deal. With an unbiased comparison site like all you have to do is enter your details to compare plumbing insurance quotes quickly and easily.

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