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Looking for a Local Home Insurance Broker?

Are home insurance brokers the best option?

Wondering if “home insurance near me” is the best way to insure your home? For many people going with local home insurance brokers seems like the best option for securing a good deal, after all, they know your area best. But by limiting your search to local home insurance brokers, you could be missing out on better deals.

At we can compare insurance quotes across a wide range of top UK companies, so you get great deals that are available beyond your local area. 

What do local home insurance brokers do?

Home insurance brokers are individuals or companies that search for home insurance deals on your behalf. They’ll usually ask you for certain personal information, use that to gather suitable quotes and then present you with a list of home insurance options.

Home insurance brokers typically charge a fee for this service that you’ll usually pay as part of your policy.

How do home insurance brokers make money?

Local home insurance brokers normally charge a fee for their services that can either be charged as a one-off fee, added to your policy or paid as a commission by the insurer.

You can avoid paying any fees by using a free, impartial comparison site, like Simply fill in your details in our online form and we’ll search for deals with trusted UK companies for you.

Won’t I get a more tailored quote if I use a local home insurance broker?

Local brokers will know your local area better than larger, centralised companies, but this isn’t likely to help you secure a better deal. Insurers use a broad range of data points, like property prices and crime rates from official data sources, so local knowledge doesn’t tend to provide many benefits. Local brokers may have relationships with local home insurance companies and be able to negotiate to some extent, but it’s not guaranteed. Your best bet is to compare quotes from dozens of insurers to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

What is the best way to get cheaper home insurance?

Although local home insurance companies might end up being the best option, it pays to shop around. By using our straightforward comparison tool you can quickly compare home insurance between local home insurance companies you might know, and other trusted providers across the UK.

Other steps you can take to help you secure a cheaper home insurance deal include:

  • Improving your home security with alarms, glass-break sensors and BSI-approved locks
  • Choosing to pay a higher voluntary excess
  • Building up your no-claims discount
  • Paying annually rather than monthly
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