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If you’re on the prowl for fantastic insurance prices to cover your jewellery fast and without hassle then Tiger is the site for you. Compare insurance quotes online today to insure your valuables and save money with Tiger.

💍 ITEMS COVERED: Jewellery, rings & watches
💷 VALUE COVERED: Maximum £30k per item
🖺 COVER: Accidental damage, Accidental loss & theft

Underwritten by Aviva.
Rated excellent on Trustpilot. 10% multi-item discount.

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💍 ITEMS COVERED: Engagement rings, wedding bands, eternity rings, necklaces, bracelets & watches
💷 VALUE COVERED: maximum £35k per item
🖺 COVER: Accidental damage, Accidental loss & theft

Assetsure are a specialist jewellery insurance provider.
“All Risks” insurance for your most precious items of jewellery.

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💍 ITEMS COVERED: Jewellery, watches, collections & art
💷 VALUE COVERED: No maximum limit (subject to underwriting)
🖺 COVER: Accidental damage, Accidental loss & theft

Providing high quality tailored products and services.
Jewellery cover with UK, European, and Worldwide options.

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Jewellery Insurance

Compare Jewellery Insurance

Looking for cheap jewellery insurance? With you can quickly compare jewellery insurance quotes and find great deals on policies that suit your needs.

Is it worth getting a jewellery protection plan?

Pieces of jewellery can be our most prized possessions and not just in terms of monetary value. Family heirlooms, vintage engagement rings handed down through generations, or a beautiful watch gifted by a spouse can add up to jewellery that’s precious in many ways. While a good jewellery insurance policy can’t protect against heartache if a prized piece of jewellery is lost or stolen, it can offer financial protection. Whether you inherited a piece of jewellery or bought it recently, jewellery is an investment that you want to protect. The right jewellery insurance policy offers peace of mind. Should the worst happen, at least you’ll have access to funds so you can replace the item.

How to get jewellery valued for insurance?

It easy to get a valuation on your jewellery at a local jewellers. They will usually be able to produce a valuation certificate which you can present to an insurer. Make sure any valuations you have done are recent when approaching an insurer.

What type of insurance do I need for jewellery?

You can insure your jewellery under their own policy or choose to insure them under a home and contents policy. This can cover you against theft and damage.

How do I insure my Jewellery?

You can choose to take out jewellery insurance to insure individual items under one policy or you can get them covered under a home and contents policy. It really depends on what option works best for you.

Can you insure jewellery separately?

If you home and contents policy cannot cover the value of your jewellery then you can take out insurance from a specialist jewellery insurer with Tiger.

How much does it cost to insure your jewellery?

Insuring your jewellery will typically cost you between 1% to 2% of your jewellery’s total value per year. For example if you insure a £10,000 piece of jewellery you can expect to pay £100 to £200 per year in insurance.

Is jewellery covered by insurance?

If you already have a home contents insurance policy, then it’s worth checking the details of any existing policy. However, it’s usually the case that a standard home contents policy will have a financial limit on what can be claimed. For example, you may only be able to claim a total value of £1,500. These kinds of policies also often have strict definitions for what you can claim. These policies are usually there to protect against loss in the home, and by “loss” this usually means loss to fire or flood, not misplaced. If an item is lost or stolen outside the home, then it probably won’t be covered. For these reasons, insuring jewellery separately can be a good idea.

How does jewellery insurance work?

To insure individual items or named items of jewellery, you’ll usually be asked for some kind of valuation certificate. Local jewellers are usually able to offer this service. Be sure that any valuation is recent, as the value of metal and gems fluctuates. Once you have an official valuation, you will be able to compare jewellery insurance quotes. It’s also advisable to have recent photos of your items. Sometimes insurance companies will ask for these, and they’re useful to have in case of loss or theft.

How do I find cheap jewellery insurance?

Finding cheap jewellery insurance can be important for many people. Shopping around to get a range of jewellery insurance quotes means you have the best chance of finding a good deal. With an unbiased comparison site like, all you have to do is enter your details to compare jewellery insurance quotes quickly and easily.

Find great deals with is committed to helping you find fantastic deals on your jewellery insurance or any other household items such as family gadgets or iPhones. We make it easy to compare jewellery insurance quotes at a glance with our expertly designed system.