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Wondering where to find cheap kit car insurance? At we can compare kit car insurance deals from trusted UK providers in minutes to help you find great deals fast.

Is it expensive to insure a kit car?

Kit car insurance is typically more expensive than your standard car insurance policy. Kit cars are highly bespoke cars that aren’t built by recognised car manufacturers, so they’re naturally associated with higher risk and higher insurance premiums.

How much your kit car insurance costs will depend on various factors including the value of the car, how you intend to use it, your age, postcode, and driving history.

How much is kit car insurance?

Unfortunately with kit car insurance there is no one answer as car kits vary in value. The best way to find the cheapest option for you is to compare multiple lenders fast with Tiger.

What does kit car insurance cover?

Like most car insurance policies, the choices include fully comp, third-party fire, or theft, and third-party only cover. It’s worth noting that, unlike standard policies, kit car insurance policies usually only pay out an agreed sum if your kit car is stolen or written off, rather than the market value.

In addition kit car insurance can cover:

  • Build-up insurance to cover your car for fire, theft, or damage while you’re building it
  • Goods-in-transit cover to protect you in case any kit car parts are lost or damaged on their way to you
  • Salvage retention cover that lets you keep the kit car and its parts even if it’s written off.

Remember you’ll also need to disclose to an insurer if your kit car is modified from the standard model to make sure you’re properly covered.

How can I find cheap kit car insurance?

A great way to find cheap kit car insurance is to shop around and collect kit car insurance quotes from different providers. Using a comparison site like is a free and easy way to do this.

Besides shopping around, there are other steps you can take to keep your insurance premium down:

  • Consider building a lower-spec model that’s cheaper to insure
  • Reduce the mileage on your policy if you’re not likely to be driving your kit car every day
  • Think about “parts only” insurance if you’re likely to repair the car yourself and only need the cost of replacement parts covered
  • Join a kit car club that might help you qualify for kit car insurance discounts.
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