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Block of Flats Insurance

What does buildings insurance cover in a block of flats?

Building insurance will typically cover damages to structures including walls, roofs, fixtures and fittings of the properties insured. This is separate to contents insurance for the individual flats, these will need to be covered under a separate contents policy. For block of flats insurance, the flats that are insured under the one policy will be covered for damages to the above mentioned. Essentially block of flats insurance is a form of building insurance for multiple occupancy buildings against losses and damages.

Do I need building insurance in a block of flats?

There isn’t a legal requirement in the UK for block of flats insurance however it is strongly advised that you do consider taking out cover on your properties. This makes sense when you consider the risks involved to your finances when you leave your properties uninsured. 

How much is building insurance for a block of flats?

Like other forms of insurance this will really depend on many factors such as the value of the flats you are seeking to insure, the risk of damage to the properties as well as well as if you wish to combine your cover with contents insurance.  Typically you can expect to get flat and contents insurance for under £200 per year.

Getting the right cover can give you the peace of mind you need knowing that your investment is secure against incidence that could leave you out of pocket. has made finding the right block of flats insurance easier than ever with our panel of UK based specialists, so start saving today.