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If you want to see a range of cheap guarantor mortgages, you’re in the right place. With you can quickly compare guarantor mortgages and find some great deals.

Why choose guarantor mortgages UK?

Guarantor mortgages are there to help support people who are finding it difficult to get a mortgage by themselves. There can be various reasons for this, including:

  • Poor credit history
  • Problems saving for a deposit
  • Low income
  • Unstable income, being a student, or self employed.

If someone in these circumstances wants to get a mortgage, they might ask a friend or family member to support them with a guarantor mortgage.

How do guarantor mortgages UK work?

The guarantor in this case refers to someone who backs the loan with their own property. For example, if a parent agreed to become a guarantor on a child’s mortgage, the parent’s home would be secured against the loan. If the child doesn’t keep up with repayments, the parent’s home could be at risk. It’s always a good idea to seek some expert legal advice if you are considering either being a guarantor or asking a friend or family member to be your guarantor.

Is it easier to get a mortgage with a guarantor?

A guarantor mortgage can help those with low income, poor credit, or little to no deposit get on the housing ladder by securing the loan against someone else’s property. By spreading the risk, mortgage lenders are then able to provide a loan to someone who would normally not be eligible.

Do guarantors get credit checked?

Yes. As part of any long-term financial agreement, all parties will be subject to credit checks including the potential guarantor.

Are guarantor mortgages more expensive?

Mortgage lenders always analyse risk to determine how much to charge customers for their financial products. Even with a loan being secured against someone’s property, there are key factors that make it likely you would be seeking a guarantor mortgage in the first place, such as having no deposit, low income, or poor credit history. These circumstances are likely to mean that a guarantor mortgage is more expensive than other types of mortgage. That’s why it’s always a good idea to compare guarantor mortgage rates before making a decision.

How do I find cheap guarantor mortgages?

As with most financial products, the best way to find cheap guarantor mortgages is to shop around. With an unbiased comparison site like, all you have to do is enter your details to compare guarantor mortgage rates quickly and easily.

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