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Is it harder for self-employed to get a mortgage?

A self-employed person may be at a disadvantage when applying for a mortgage compared to someone who is employed with a regular salary. Lenders may view self-employed income as unstable. However, many self-employed people can still access competitive mortgage rates, as long as they can show evidence of consistent income with a good credit history.

What will I need to provide for a self-employed mortgage?

Mortgage lenders want to see evidence of stable income going back at least two years. They will also look at your credit history, checking that you make regular payments on time.

What documents do I need for a self-employed mortgage?

Circumstances will always vary from individual to individual but, commonly, self-employed people will be asked for:

Limited company – any tax documents related to your company’s accounts, usually for the past two years. Sometimes this includes future projections.

Freelancers or sole traders – usually these self-employed individuals will be asked to provide two or three years’ worth of tax returns.

Contractors – some lenders will allow you to calculate an annual salary from a daily rate. To prove this you will need evidence in terms of tax returns, any signed contracts and tax returns.

How much deposit do I need for a self-employed mortgage?

It’s possible for self-employed people to access mortgages with deposits from 5% although it’s becoming more common for mortgage lenders to look for higher deposits. Having a larger deposit also helps show the lender that you are a responsible saver, and it saves you money on interest. When you compare self-employed mortgages, look at how your deposit affects your overall rates.

How can I improve my chances of being approved for a self employed mortgage?

You can improve your chances of being approved for cheap self-employed mortgages by keeping your credit score high and your accounts in order.

How can I compare self employed mortgage rates?

The best way to see which deals are most competitive is to compare self-employed mortgage rates. When you look at a range of offers side by side, you have the best chance of finding a great deal. By using an unbiased comparison site such as, you’ll find it easy to compare self-employed mortgages from a range of leading UK providers.

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