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Want to compare student mortgages? With we can connect you with a range of cheap student mortgages. Our easy-to-use online system makes it easy to compare student mortgage rates at a glance, helping you save time and money.

Can students get a 100% mortgage?

Students are often without a full-time income or salary, which makes saving for a deposit hard. That’s why they might want to look for a 100% mortgage. Usually, a minimum 5% deposit is required and mortgages that require no deposit are quite rare. Some lenders will offer mortgages without requiring a mortgage, but these will usually always be guarantor mortgages where a family member provides some security for the loan.

Can I get a mortgage if I am a student?

Yes, it’s possible to get a mortgage if you are a student. Sometimes students can save for a deposit, and hold down a job whilst studying. If they also have a good credit score, there’s no reason they can’t start to shop around to find cheap student mortgages to suit them. When a student isn’t able to save for a deposit, or they also have poor credit, it’s likely they will need support from a guarantor before they’ll be considered for any kind of mortgage.

Can a student get a guarantor mortgage?

A guarantor mortgage is often the best solution for a student seeking a mortgage, particularly if the student doesn’t have a deposit. However, these types of mortgages are fairly uncommon. You will also need a willing guarantor. Anyone considering becoming a guarantor should seek professional legal advice before commencing with any application.

Do guarantor mortgages still exist?

Yes. Whilst these types of mortgages are often described as niche, as few lenders offer them, it is still possible to go this route if you aren’t able to get a mortgage on your own. As interest rates are usually higher on this kind of mortgage, it’s all the more important to shop around and compare student mortgages from a range of sources.

What should I look at when I compare student mortgages?

It’s always a good idea to shop around and compare student mortgage rates from a selection of UK providers. This way you can see how each lender compares, helping you find great deals with competitive rates.

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