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Want to compare tracker mortgages? With we can connect you with a range of cheap tracker mortgages. Our easy-to-use online system makes it easy to compare tracker mortgage rates at a glance, helping you save time and money.

Is it good to be on a tracker mortgage?

Some financial experts have claimed that over the lifespan of a mortgage, a tracker mortgage will offer the best value. But in reality, it’s always impossible to say what mortgage will save you the most money in the long term, simply because the future economic situation is hard to predict. A tracker mortgage has interest rates that are tied to the Bank of England base rate. This means that your mortgage repayments can fluctuate, increasing if the BoE base rate rises, and falling alongside it too.

How often will a tracker mortgage change?

The Bank of England meets every six weeks to discuss the interest rate. Therefore, you can expect a base rate change of around eight times every year.

Can I take out a joint tracker mortgage?

Yes. It’s possible to have a joint mortgage that’s a tracker mortgage. It’s common for cohabiting or married couples to take a joint mortgage, which, simply put, is a shared loan. In this case, most types of mortgage products are available to joint applicants.

Do tracker mortgages still exist?

They do still exist. Many people use tracker mortgages. Some people find themselves in a tracker-style mortgage after a period of fixed interest. It’s usually possible to change your mortgage product during your mortgage term. Sometimes this means moving to a tracker mortgage from a fixed term, or vice versa.

Are tracker mortgages cheaper than fixed?

There’s no definitive answer to this. Because this type of loan is linked to the economic situation of the country, as determined by the Bank of England, you will find that your interest rate fluctuates. A period of low interest may benefit you, equally, you may find yourself financially worse off if interest rates increase.

How can I compare tracker mortgage rates?

One of the best ways to compare tracker mortgages is to use an unbiased comparison site like If you shop around, you can see when a deal looks good by comparing the interest rates. Each lender will offer a different deal, so you want to ensure you are looking at a variety of sources to help you find cheap tracker mortgages.

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