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Mobile Mechanic Insurance

What insurance does a mobile mechanic need?

There are a number of insurance options available to mobile mechanics that would be appropriate insurance for your profession. These can vary depending on what particular aspect of your business you are wishing to insure. 

  • Public Liability Insurance – This will cover you against claims for third-party injury or damage.
  • Professional Liability Insurance – This will cover you against claims as a result of error from your services
  • Commercial auto insurance – This will cover the vehicles used for your business operations
  • Mobile Mechanics insurance – This is typically a combination of the above mentioned insurance products and is the most tailored insurance product for mobile mechanic businesses.
How much does mobile mechanic insurance cost?

As with most insurance products this really depends on certain factors that are specific to you. For example the size of your business operations, the vehicles you use, the number of employees you have, all of these factors will influence the final cost of an insurance policy. The best way to find cheap mobile mechanic insurance is to compare multiple lenders online to ensure you are finding the best deals.

Is it worth getting mobile mechanic insurance?

If you are wanting to protect your business and personal finances against unforeseen costs associated with accidents or damages, it is highly recommended you take out some form of coverage.

I’m confused over what mobile mechanic insurance to go for?

It can seem like there are many options to go for when it comes to insuring your mobile mechanic business, ultimately what policy you decide to take out will come down to your own needs. For convenience and comprehensive cover, a dedicated mobile mechanic insurance policy is usually recommended.  

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