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Part Time Motor Trade Insurance

Compare Part Time Motor Trade Insurance

If you sell or service vehicles part time then you might not need the cover that comes with a comprehensive motor trade insurance policy, but you’ll almost certainly still need some type of protection. At we can help you compare part time motor trade insurance  quotes and find great deals fast.

What is part time motor trade insurance?

If you have a supplementary income or work part time in car sales, valet, vehicle repair or as a mobile mechanic then you could save money with a part time motor trade insurance policy. This type of insurance can provide you with the essential cover you need without going beyond what you require as a part-time worker.

Part-time motor trade insurance typically covers:

  • Road risk cover to insure you for driving customers’ vehicles
  • Goods-in-transit insurance protects your tools and equipment if they’re damaged or stolen when you’re out working.
  • Premises cover pays out if your business premises are damaged by e.g. flood, vandalism or fire.
  • Refurb and restoration cover protects vehicles you’re repairing or restoring from fire, theft or accidental damage.
  • Demonstration cover insures your customers for test-driving vehicles.
  • Employers’ liability is a legal requirement if you employ anyone, even on a casual basis, and protects you from the costs of any staff claims brought against you.
Can I get part time motor trade insurance?

Absolutely, if you service or sell motor vehicles as part of a supplementary income then part time motor trade insurance is a great option to cover your business.

Why do I need part time motor trade insurance?

Although you likely won’t need the same cover as someone working full-time in vehicle services or repairs, as a part-time worker there are still risks that you’ll face. Part-time motor trade insurance protects you from financial losses if you have an accident or face a claim. Without the appropriate cover, you could face expensive repair costs, legal fees or compensation claims you’d need to pay out of your own pocket.

Can a motor trader drive a car without insurance?

In short, no. As with driving any car, you would normally need to be a named driver or have a “driving other cars” clause in your policy to be covered to drive another vehicle. With a part-time motor trade policy you can normally include cover to drive cars you don’t own.

How can I get cheap part time motor trade insurance?

To secure cheap part-time motor trade insurance there are various steps you can take, including:

  • Compare part-time motor trade insurance across several providers using a comparison site like
  • Only include the cover that you need so that you don’t overpay for unnecessary protections
  • Increase your voluntary excess
  • Pay for the full year upfront rather than in monthly instalments
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One of the best ways to find cheap part time motor trade insurance is to compare quotes through an unbiased comparison site, like Simply fill in a quick online form and we’ll search the market for available offers, making it easier for you to compare and decide on the best deal for you.