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Road Risk Insurance

If you earn a living in the motor industry, you’ll need road risk insurance to protect you. This means that you can drive customer cars or vans or even vehicles that you have bought to sell knowing that you are covered.

What is road risk insurance for?

This is a type of insurance you need if you are driving vehicles on behalf of your customers or moving them after you have bought them at an auction with the intention of selling them. Anyone who sells vehicles or drives them as part of their business needs road risk insurance, as it is a legal requirement. This is the case whether you have premises, work from home or operate on a mobile basis.

What is road risk insurance?

Road risk insurance is designed for motor trade workers who operate vehicles they don’t own for the business they work for or own.- Road risk insurance is the minimum insurance required by law.

How much coverage does road risk insurance provide?

This particular type of insurance relates to some areas of your business in the motor trade. It does not provide complete protection but keeps you covered when driving vehicles you do not own as part of business activities.


Why do you need road risk insurance?

Firstly, it is required on a legal basis. Secondly, it helps to reduce issues and financial costs if there is an accident while you’re driving a customer’s car or a car you are planning to sell, or if the vehicle is damaged in transit.


What kinds of road risk insurance can you get?

There are three main ways to cover yourself when driving cars you do not own as part of your business activity. You can select one of the following options.

  • Third-party

This is the most basic level, and only provides protection for you if you cause damage to someone else’s vehicle or injury to the driver whilst driving a customer’s car.

  • Third-party, fire, and theft

This type of policy provides a little more coverage. It protects you if you cause damage or injury to someone else or their car, and also if your car is affected by fire or stolen.

  • Comprehensive

This cover offers the most protection and assurance. It has the benefits that come with third-party, fire, and theft, and protection if the car you’re driving is damaged during an accident. This is the case even if you are responsible for the accident.

How can you get cheaper road risk insurance?

If you want to get cheap road risk insurance without compromising on the cover provided, you could pay more excess. The excess is the amount you pay if there’s a claim, and can help to reduce your payments.

What’s the best way to compare road risk insurance?

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