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Trade Plate Insurance 

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If you work in the motor trade, you’ll know that trade plates can be an important part of your business. They enable you to move vehicles from A to B without needing to have them taxed or registered in your name. You’ve probably already got good general insurance, but many policies do not cover you if you are driving cars with trade plates. This can make you vulnerable to potential costs if there is an accident. You can protect yourself and your business by getting trade plate insurance.

Do you need trade plate insurance?

If you drive cars in the course of your business while using trade plates, then you need to be insured to do so. This applies if you are a car dealer, vehicle tester, you deal with scrap or you run a business that involves picking up vehicles and dropping them off. It is a legal requirement to be insured to drive with trade plates, so you’re protecting yourself from getting on the wrong side of the law as well as having to pay out in the event of an accident.

What kind of trade plate insurance can you get?

Trade plate insurance is similar to the kind of cover you get to drive your own car. There are three main kinds for you to consider.

  • Third-party

This is the most basic level of insurance, and the minimum you’ll need while driving with trade plates. It only provides cover if you cause damage to another vehicle or someone else gets hurt because of an accident that you’ve caused.

  • Third-party, fire, and theft

This provides cover for damage or injury to others, as well as protection if the vehicle you are driving is affected by fire or is stolen.

  • Comprehensive

This is arguably the safest policy to have. It covers damage to other people’s cars or them being hurt, fire and theft and also insures you against having to pay out for damage to the car you are driving in the course of an accident. This is the case even if you’re at fault.

How much is trade plate insurance?

This really depends on what deal you are able to get, the best way to get the cheapest trade plate insurance is to compare multiple options.

Can you get cheap trade plate insurance?

You want to protect yourself and your business while using trade plates, but you don’t want excessive costs either. You can get cheap trade plate insurance by ensuring the only employees you include in the policy are over the age of 25 and have a driving licence that is completely free of any points or issues.

How do you get the best deal on trade plate insurance?

The easiest way to get your trade plate driving covered is by opting to compare trade plate insurance. At, we have a wide choice of insurers, which means that getting great trade plate insurance quotes is quick and easy.

Do trade plates cover you for insurance?

You can often get trade plates covered under you motor trade policy.