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Multi Car Insurance

What is multi car insurance?

Multi car insurance is a convenient car insurance policy that covers multiple cars under the umbrella of a single policy. This can be a great option for families with multiple cars who are looking to save a bit of cash. Even with multiple vehicles under a single car insurance policy, you can usually choose different levels of cover for each car or the same for all. Many insurers offer a discount for insuring multiple cars on one policy so why not start saving today.

How does multi car insurance work?

Multi car insurance works in much the same way as standard car insurance with the exception of covering multiple cars under one policy. Many insurers will usually place a limit on the number of cars that can be insured under one policy. This will sometimes range between 2 and 5 cars per policy with the appropriate discount on the premiums. The cost can be spread between the individuals taking out the policy or by a single policy holder. Many people find multi car insurance easier to manage with it being under a single policy.

The levels of coverage are the same as standard car insurance options:

Third-party only – This will cover damages caused by your vehicle to third parties only

Third-party, fire and theft – This will give you the same coverage as third-party only with additional coverage against fire and theft.

Comprehensive – You will get all the cover of third-party, fire and theft with additional cover against damage to your own vehicle and person should you be at fault.

Who offers the best multi car insurance?

There are many multi car insurance lenders who offer multi car insurance but not all policies are created equal. The best policy really depends on what you are looking for from your coverage. If you are after the cheapest coverage then comparing multiple lenders is the best option for ensuring you find the cheapest policy on the market. If you are looking for more thorough coverage then a comprehensive policy would be the best insurance offer for you. If you are looking for comprehensive coverage at a great price then has you covered. Compare our panel of multiple UK specialists in moments and find cheaper multi car insurance today.

How much is multi car insurance?

Multi car insurance premiums may be more expensive than a single car insurance premium when compared side by side but this is misleading. When taking into account the insurance for multiple cars under one policy, it is almost always cheaper insuring multiple cars under one policy than insuring them individually. There are many factors that will effect the price of your premiums such as the age of the vehicles you are insuring, the age and driving history of the drivers, and the make and model of the cars.

These are just a few general factors that can influence your premiums, ultimately the best way of ensuring you are getting the best multi car insurance is to compare multiple insurers.

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