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Compare Older Cat Insurance

Are you looking for cheap older cat insurance to protect your furry friend? Whether your cat has existing health concerns or you just want cover in case something unexpected happens, we can help. At, we give you the option to quickly and easily compare pet insurance quotes from some of the top UK insurance providers.

Is it worth insuring an older cat?

While older cats might not go out as much as younger animals, accidents can still happen. You might want older cat insurance to protect your pet in case of traffic accidents, incidents with other animals, and new health issues, which are more common in older cats.

How old is a senior pet?

Different insurance providers may have different ages where they consider a pet as a senior. For cats, this is usually around 10 years, though it could be 8 years. Dog insurance will have different age limits. Insurance is treated differently for older pets as they’re more likely to develop health conditions.

What does older cat insurance cover?

Different insurance policies will cover different factors, so it is always important to make sure that you get the coverage you need. The most common things covered by older cat insurance are:

  • Veterinary fees for new illnesses or accidents
  • Third-party liability in case your pet causes harm to someone else or their property
  • Loss or theft of your animals, with cover for the cost of finding them
  • Boarding and cattery fees if your cat has to be boarded overnight due to an emergency
  • Death by illness or injury, to cover the purchase price of your animal.
What is excluded from older cat insurance?

There are some issues that might not be covered by cat insurance, most notably:

  • Existing medical conditions and illnesses, though specialist insurance might be available  for these
  • Full medical fees: You might have to pay a co-payment for medical costs if your cat is over a certain age.
What types of insurance are available for older cats?

Some of the major insurance types for older cats include the following.

  • Lifetime insurance. This usually has an annual limit for how much you can claim. If you continue the policy, your pet will be insured for health conditions they develop while insured.
  • Maximum benefit. This has a maximum limit on how much you can claim for each illness or injury.
  • Time-limited insurance. This only lasts for a certain length of time, meaning that once the policy expires you cannot get cover for illnesses that developed
  • Accident-only cover. This covers treatment needed due to accidents.
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