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Compare Older Dog Insurance

Are you looking for cheap older dog insurance? Insuring older pets can be more expensive due to the likelihood that they will develop a health condition. At, we can help you easily compare pet insurance from some of the top  UK providers, so you can find a great deal.

Is it worth insuring an older dog?

While insurance for older dogs can be more expensive, it can still be worth insuring an older dog. This is because pet insurance can help you avoid pricey vet bills if your dog develops an illness or if there is an accident.

What’s the oldest you can insure a dog?

Different providers will have different age limits for dog insurance, and some have no age limit. Once your dog is over 8 years old, most lenders will offer senior dog insurance to give your dog appropriate coverage for their age. This age limit will be different for cat insurance, rabbit insurance, or other types of pet cover.

What does older dog insurance cover?

Older dog insurance can cover many of the same factors that regular dog insurance does, including:

  • Accidents, such as injuries, traffic accidents, or altercations with other animals
  • New illnesses, such as diabetes, cancer, and arthritis
  • Loss or theft of your dog, to help you cover the costs of finding your animal
  • Third-party liability in case your dog causes harm to someone else or property
  • Boarding fees in case of an emergency
  • Death, where insurance will cover the purchase price of your dog.
Can I insure a 12 year old dog?

If the insurer has no upper age limit for your breed than you should still be able to insure your 12 year old dog. If your pet has any existing medical conditions these will need to be declared to the insurer prior to taking out a policy.

What does older dog insurance exclude?

Older dog insurance may not cover everything. These are some of the most common items covered.

  • Full veterinary fees. Insurance may require that you pay a co-payment that is a portion of the vet bills.
  • Existing health conditions. If your dog already has a health problem, this may not be covered.
What if my dog gets ill while it’s insured?

If your dog gets ill during your insurance policy, this will usually be covered until the end of your insurance period. If you’re given the option to renew your insurance, this might let you still be covered for that illness. However, if the policy ends, you may struggle to get insurance to cover this health problem since it would be a pre-existing issue.

How can I get cheaper insurance for older dogs?

One of the simplest ways to get cheaper dog insurance is to compare options from multiple lenders. You can also consider paying for your policy annually rather than monthly, as well as increasing your voluntary excess.

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