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Personal Trainer Insurance

Compare Personal Trainer Insurance

If you’re a personal trainer, you’ll be passionate about health and wellness, and feel proud to be actively helping your clients to get fit. Your job is not just about teaching people how to exercise safely, it’s about keeping them positive and motivated too. It’s much easier to do this if you feel safe and secure in your profession, and you can achieve this by ensuring you have personal trainer insurance.

Do you really need personal trainer insurance?

You are likely to work with clients that range from young people wanting to build muscle, to a new mother who wants to get back in shape, and older people who want to protect their health and fitness as they age. With each type of client comes different types of risk. Getting insured means that you can protect your customers and yourself should anything go wrong.

What insurance does a personal trainer need?

A form of public liability insurance will be sufficient cover for a personal trainer who works with members of the public on a regular basis. This will protect you from the costs of claims raised against you for personal injuries and damage to property.

What happens if a client gets injured and you’re not insured?

If one of your clients has an accident or gets hurt while they’re working with you, then they may submit a claim for compensation. This could be to cover any pain or discomfort they have experienced and/or for any specialist healthcare they require to return them to full health. They could also claim compensation for time spent out of work, as a way of covering their earnings while off sick. If you aren’t insured, then you may have to fund this compensation out of your own pocket or from your personal training earnings. This could result in worry and stress for you, and cause you financial hardship.

What other kinds of cover can you get as a personal trainer?

You can get personal trainer insurance that also covers you for any injuries you sustain yourself. You need to be fit and well to be able to do your job, and if you have had an accident, you may not be able to work for a while. Being insured means that you can relax and concentrate on your recovery.

If you use specialist equipment as part of your work, such as weights, then these can be a significant investment in your business. It makes sense to protect this kind of investment with appropriate insurance.

How much is insurance for a personal trainer?

The cost of personal trainer insurance will vary depending on what deals are offered by certain lenders. Many public liability insurance policies will cover you up to £10 million pounds. You can find personal trainer insurance for less than £15 per month by comparing multiple dealers.

How can you get cheap personal trainer insurance?

If you just look at one or two providers, you will struggle to find a good deal. At, we make it easy for you to get cheap personal trainer insurance. We have a large panel of providers who specialise in this type of cover. It is a simple matter of entering a few basic details about you and your work, and we can compare personal trainer insurance for you, making it a straightforward and quick process. You then get your personal trainer insurance quotes and can get yourself covered so you can get on with doing what you do best.