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Black Cab Insurance

Compare Black Cab Insurance

Black Cabs are a famous British symbol that is respected and trusted. You’re proud to be a driver of these iconic vehicles, so it makes sense to keep yourself and your passengers protected by getting good black cab insurance.

Can you drive a black cab for personal use?

Yes, you can buy a black cab for personal use but you can’t mislead people into thinking the vehicle is for hire. You should modify your cab for personal use to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Do you need black cab insurance?

You are required by law to have your black cab insured, and it makes sense too. If you are involved in an accident and someone gets hurt, you don’t want to be liable for paying for healthcare or compensation costs. You’ve made a substantial investment by buying your cab, so keeping that safe from costs relating to damage or theft is vitally important.

Does black cab insurance cost the same wherever you are?

No, the cost varies according to a wide range of factors, including the status of the driver and their history plus the age and condition of the cab. It is also the case that a cab in London will be more expensive to insure than one in a smaller town, for example. This is due to the risk profile as ascertained by insurers.

How can you get cheap black cab insurance?

If you’re looking for cheap black cab insurance, there are a few steps you can take to keep your costs down. These include:

  • Considering your parking: When you are not working, it is a good move to park your cab on your driveway or in a secure garage. If you park on the street in your city or town, then insurers will deem it to be at greater risk of being damaged or stolen and will reflect this in how much they charge.
  • Go for a black box: Having a black box installed is often something that is done by more inexperienced drivers who want to reduce their premiums, but it can work for you too. If you have your driving monitored in this way, and are deemed to be safe and careful, you can bring your insurance costs down.
  • Pay annually: Paying for your insurance monthly can be more expensive than covering the whole cost for the year in one go. If you can pay annually, you are likely to make some savings.
What types of black cab insurance can you get?

The types of insurance you can get vary in coverage and cost. The most basic requirement is third party, as this will cover you only for damage to someone else’s vehicle or if another person is hurt. Third party, fire and theft insures you against damage or injury to others plus fire or the vehicle being stolen. A comprehensive policy covers you and your taxi as well as those other factors.

How can you get the best price?

At, we help you to compare black cab insurance in a large database of providers. This means you can get competitive black cab insurance quotes and the best possible deal for you.

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