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London Private Hire Insurance

Compare London Private Hire Insurance

Driving a taxi in London can be the best job in the world: you get to pick your own hours and enjoy chatting with your customers as you take them around some of the most famous sights in the UK. You’ve spent time and money setting yourself up, and you want to maintain your standard of living, and you can look after all that by getting London private hire insurance.

Do you have to get London private hire Insurance?

If you’re driving a car for private hire, you are legally obliged to be properly insured to do so. It also helps to protect you and your customers should something go wrong or an accident happens. That gives you peace of mind and the ability to get on with your job knowing that you are covered.

How much is private hire insurance UK?

For comprehensive private hire cover you can usually expect to pay between £1500 to £3500, the best way to find the cheapest options that are our there is to compare multiple lenders online.

How can you get cheap London private hire insurance?

You want to safeguard your business, but you don’t want to pay over the odds to do so. If you’re looking for cheap London private hire insurance, there a few things you can do to keep your costs at a minimum.

  • Park with care: When you’re not ferrying customers around, the location in which you keep your taxi is an important factor when it comes to insurance. Parking on the street will put your premiums up, as there is more chance the vehicle will be damaged or stolen. Parking safely and securely off-road at your home can help to make insurance premiums cheaper.
  • Be discerning about your choice of vehicle: If you buy a car that is expensive and at the higher end of brands, you will have to pay more to insure it. Purchasing a vehicle that is inexpensive from a popular reliable brand will help to lower your costs.
  • Keep your licence clean: Taking care to keep your driving licence free of points or penalties will mean that your insurance will cost less.
Can I insure on a PCO car?

You can you can take out a standalone policy or if public liability is not included in your PCO policy, you can usually get it added to your policy.

Can you get insured if you’re under 25?

It is possible to get insured to drive a vehicle for private hire if you’re under 25 years of age, but it may be more difficult and you will probably have a smaller pool of insurers to choose from.

What’s the best way to get London private hire insurance?

Ideally, you want to use your working hours for earning a living rather than spending hours trying to find a good price for your insurance. At, we do all the work for you. All it takes is some basic details from you, and we have what we need to help you to compare London private hire insurance. We search our vast network of providers so you don’t have to. You can enjoy your time off while you wait for our results, and we then deliver your hand-picked London private hire insurance quotes.