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Mini Cab Insurance

What is minicab insurance?

Minicab insurance is a tailored policy geared toward insuring your mini cab from damage, fire & theft and damage to other third parties, depending on your level of cover.

  • Third party – The most basic and minimum legal requirement for operating a minicab in the UK
  • Third party, fire and theft – This level of coverage offers you additional cover against damage or loss due to fire and theft.
  • Fully comprehensive – This is the highest level of coverage, Fully comprehensive offers you additional protection against the cost of damage to your own vehicle in the event of an accident where you are found at fault.

When you take out a mini cab insurance policy you should check what the policy covers and what exclusions may be stipulated. Many minicab insurance policies will not offer public liability as part of their standard coverage and so this may be something you need to add as an extra. Personal use may also not be covered under your mini cab insurance, so you should double check if your policy insures you to drive off duty. This might sound like a pain but don’t fret, here at we’ve compiled a panel of UK based specialist to make finding the right insurance for you easier than ever.

How much is minicab insurance?

As many minicab drivers will know, minicab insurance can be more expensive than insuring equivalent vehicles for non-commercial use. In some cases minicab insurance can be up to 80% more expensive than regular car insurance but it doesn’t have to be this way. As many cabbies will know, the best way of finding the cheapest insurance for your cab is by comparing multiple insurers before taking out a policy. The level of coverage you need along with the age and make of your cab will all influence the price of your premiums…but that doesn’t mean all policies are created equal. Here at, we have complied a panel of specialist UK based lenders. This means it’s never been easier to compare your options and get cheaper mini-cab insurance today!

Top tip

Don’t allow your existing policy to automatically renewal as you will likely be missing out on other better deals available on the market. Take the time needed to browse through multiple lenders to make sure you are getting the best minicab insurance available.

Do I need public liability insurance to operate a mini cab?

It is not a legal requirement to have public liability insurance as a mini cab operator however you may seriously want to consider it. Working with the public comes with its own risks and if the unfortunate happens you’ll want the peace of mind that can come with being protected against liability claims. Public liability insurance will cover you against any injury or property damages brought against you if you are found liable. Public liability insurance can also cover the costs associated with defending yourself against liability claims and so can also prove useful even if you’re not found liable.

Will ordinary car insurance cover minicab drivers?

In most cases no, you’ll need a specific policy for minicab insurance to cover you whilst you are operating as a cab driver.

Whilst you are driving off duty you will usually be required to get a separate insurance policy to cover you for personal or private use. Some minicab insurance policies will also offer you coverage for personal use under one insurance product. So comparing multiple insurers is the best way of ensuring you are getting the coverage that is right for you.

What is excluded from minicab insurance?

Typically the following will be exempt or excluded from coverage under most minicab insurance polices in the UK.

  • Illegal driving – For example driving without the appropriate licenses, driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, deliberately reckless or dangerous driving and other unlawful acts.
  • Violating coverage area – Operating your cab outside the agreed coverage zone.
  • Claims by passengers – You’ll usually need to take out separate public liability insurance for this.
  • Non-insured drivers – Allowing other uninsured persons to drive your car will void your insurance coverage.