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Public Hire Insurance

Compare Public Hire Insurance

If you drive a cab for public hire, you’re probably in your element navigating the busy city streets while you enjoy some friendly banter with your customers. You enjoy your job and the fact that you are your own boss and can pick your hours, but getting started can be quite expensive. The cost of purchasing a cab can be quite substantial, so you’ll be keen to take good care of it and your business by investing in a good public hire insurance policy.

What is public hire taxi insurance?

Public hire taxi insurance or “black cab insurance” will cover you for accidents causing injury or property damage to your yourself, passengers and third parties depending on the level of cover you opt for.

Are taxi insurance policies all the same?

No, there are two main types: private and public hire. A private hire licence only covers you to collect and drop off customers who have phoned in or booked a taxi online or via an app. Public hire drivers, who pick up customers from taxi ranks and when they are flagged down in the street, need a different category of insurance. This is because the risks of accident or injury are slightly increased for public hire, and insurance policies have to reflect that.

How can you get cheap public hire insurance?

Although it can be more expensive than private hire or other types of insurance, it is possible to get cheap public hire insurance. You can help to lower the costs of your policy by:

  • Parking privately: If you park your taxi on the street when you are not working, then your insurance will cost more due to the risks of damage and theft. Parking at your residence in the driveway or in the garage can help to decrease your premiums.
  • Keep your cab in good condition: If you make sure that you get it serviced at regular intervals and keep it in good condition, then the chances of you being at fault because of a mechanical issue are decreased. If this is proven in the event of an accident, then future insurance costs should be lower.
  • Keep your licence clean: If you have any points on your licence, this will affect the cost of your insurance. Making sure that you drive safely and carefully and avoiding penalties will help you to keep your insurance costs as low as possible.
Do you need extra cover?

There are some add-ons that can be put onto your policy to give you increased protection. Public liability insurance covers you for any incidents that occur while you are driving your customer from A to B. Breakdown cover can be useful to mitigate expensive repair and restoration costs.

How do you get affordable but good-quality public hire insurance?

You can have all the research taken care of for you. We help you compare public hire insurance with a large bank of providers to get you the best possible deal.. After entering your details, you are given a choice of public hire insurance quotes, and it is a simple matter of making your selection.

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