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Compare Short Term Car Insurance

There can be many different reasons for needing short term car insurance. Maybe your work requires you to be able to drive for a few weeks or months, or you need to help a friend or relative. Perhaps you’re taking a break away from home and want to be able to drive during your trip. Whatever the circumstances, it’s important to keep yourself protected with an insurance policy that you can trust.

What does this type of insurance help with?

The level of coverage you get depends on the type of policy that you choose. At the most basic level, which is third-party only, you will get a payout in the event of an accident to cover another driver’s costs. You have to have this cover by law, and it protects your pocket too. If another driver’s car is damaged and they sustain injuries, then the amount of compensation required is likely to be quite significant. Being insured means that you aren’t financially hurt in the process.

If you’re covered for third-party, fire, and theft, then you also get protection if your car is damaged by fire or if it is stolen. Whether the car belongs to you or you have borrowed it, it can be expensive to replace a vehicle. Getting insured for these eventualities means that you get peace of mind.

Comprehensive policies are often popular because they offer the highest level of protection. You and your car are both covered if an accident happens. This means if you need to get your car fixed, or you get hurt in the accident, then you’ll get compensation. This means that you can drive in the short-term knowing that everything is taken care of if things go wrong.

How much is short term car insurance?

This really depends on a case by case basis however opting for a short term insurance policy which runs for a few months over a few days can reduce the daily premiums amount.

Can you insurance a car for just 3 months?

If you are planning on using a car for no longer than 3 months then a 3 month short term insurance policy could be a perfect option. Short term car insurance policies can cover vehicles from a few days to a few few months.

Is short term car insurance less expensive than regular insurance?

Yes, generally, it is due to the fact that you only require cover for a set number of days, weeks, or months. That’s why it is a good idea to choose this kind of policy specifically, as it can save you money whilst still offering the level of protection that you want.

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