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Compare Weekly Car Insurance

There are plenty of reasons why people need temporary car insurance, such as work trips, road trips, test drives and borrowing a car. However, short term car insurance can be expensive. If you want to find cheap weekly car insurance, you should always shop around.

Our handy quote comparison tool will let you quickly and easily get offers from insurance providers throughout the UK. You can then compare weekly car insurance quotes to find something that suits you. Comparing quotes can help you save time and money.

Is it possible to insure a car for a week?

Yes, there are plenty of insurers who will offer short-term car insurance for a single week. You can also get insurance for shorter or longer periods of time. Try monthly car insurance for longer periods.

Is temporary car insurance legal?

Yes, temporary car insurance is legal. You must always have valid insurance to drive a car on the roads. If you have recently bought a car or are borrowing a car, you need to arrange temporary insurance if you do not have other insurance that covers it.

Is temporary car insurance more expensive?

Temporary insurance is typically more expensive than a year-long insurance plan. This is because temporary insurance is a much shorter time frame. If you need to use the car for longer than a month or a few weeks, you should look into longer-term insurance, as this could be cheaper in the long run. To compare weekly car insurance offers, use our handy comparison tool on

Can I drive someone else’s car on my temporary insurance?

Yes, you can drive a car belonging to someone else when you have temporary insurance. You do need to make sure that you have permission to drive the car, as lacking permission could invalidate the insurance.

How much is weekly car insurance?

Weekly-car insurance is a form of short term car insurance which can vary in price from lender to lender and deal to deal. Typically in the UK you can find weekly car insurance for under £100, however the best way of finding the best is by comparing multiple lenders with Tiger.

Can I leave my car uninsured for a week?

You cannot leave your car uninsured if it is on the road. If there is a short break in your insurance, you should arrange temporary insurance. You can leave your car uninsured if you have filed a SORN application and the car is not on a public road.

Can you insure a car you don’t own?

Yes, you can insure a vehicle you do not own. However, you should always get permission from the owner of the vehicle and let them know that you are taking out an insurance policy on their car.

What is the shortest time I can insure my car for?

Different insurers will offer different lengths of temporary insurance. To see your options, check with Some lenders will offer terms that are as short as a single day or a few hours, which can be useful for a rental car or borrowed car. Temporary insurance also typically does up to a month or several months depending on the insurance provider.