Temporary Learner Driver Insurance

Comprehensive short term or temporary vehicle insurance for a period of 1 hour to 28 days. Compare short term vehicle insurance quotes for cars, vans, motorbikes and more through our directory listing of dedicated providers below.

✔️ AGE: 17 to 34
✔️ VEHICLE: Car only
ℹ️ LICENCE: Provisional UK only
ℹ️ COVER TERM: 1 day to 1 year

Prices start from 77p a day.
Accidents will not affect car owners no claims discount.

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✔️ AGE: 17 plus
✔️ VEHICLE: Car only
ℹ️ LICENCE: Provisional UK only
ℹ️ COVER TERM: 1 hour to 180 days

Rated 4.7 on TrustPilot.
Powered by Admiral.

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Special OfferUse Code ‘QZ10’ for a 10% off.

✔️ AGE: 17 to 75
✔️ VEHICLE: Car only
ℹ️ LICENCE: Provisional UK only
ℹ️ COVER TERM: 12 hours to 28 days

Get that crucial extra practice with flexible cover to fit your needs.
Drive with confidence – no impact on vehicle owners no claims discount.

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✔️ AGE: 17 to 65
✔️ VEHICLE: Car only
ℹ️ LICENCE: Provisional UK only
ℹ️ COVER TERM: 28 days to 1 year

Rated 4.8 on TrustPilot.
Get practice in your car or borrow a friend’s, without risking their ncd!

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Temporary Learner Insurance

If you are looking for temporary learner driver insurance then has you sorted. Compare multiple policies from our panel of UK based specialists and get cheaper temporary insurance today.

What temporary learner driver insurance is available?

Temporary learner driver insurance offers all the coverage options of conventional car insurance but at a reduced time frame. Some temporary insurance options can offer cover for as little as a few hours through to a few months. The level of coverage is as follows:

How much is temporary learner insurance?

This really depends on many factors which compile your risk factor to the insurer. These factors can include but are not limited to the age of your car, it’s make and model, your own age, the area where your car is parked at night. These are only some of the factors which influence the final cost of your insurance premiums but they are non the less important and unique to your situation. Without taking out a quote it is very difficult to provide a concrete answer on what you should be expecting to pay for your insurance. The best way of finding the cheapest deal is to compare multiple lenders so that you can rest assured knowing you have the best deal.

Is temporary learner driver insurance more expensive than regular car insurance?

Temporary learner driver insurance can be more expensive on average than regular car insurance for a number of reasons. The first reason is that temporary forms of insurance cover shorter time frames than standard insurance policies so insurers make up for this by increasing your premiums. It is also designed to cover drivers who are still learning which in turn increases the risk to the insurer of a claim being made due to lack of experience. Adding a more experienced driver who has held their licence for some time is a good way of potentially reducing your premiums. The best way of finding the cheapest temporary learner insurance policy is by comparing multiple insurers before making your choice.

When looking for cover, it’s a good idea to get temporary learner driver quotes on a site like By comparing temporary learner driver quotes across a range of providers you’re more likely to find a great deal.